Tracking Fleet Vehicles Can Be Profitable

By tracking fleet vehicles that your trucking company has out on the road, you can be more profitable because you will have more in the way of knowledge.


Benefits of Fleet Tracking


One obvious benefit that is instantly attainable is the ability to recognize road conditions, detours, accidents, and weather conditions. Just knowing at the last minute that there may be a way to change routes can avoid a long delay and possibly get a shipment to a destination on time.


Tracking fleet vehicles also opens the door for more subtle metrics such as number of stops, mileage driven, time idling, increased productivity, better customer service and fewer traffic violations.


All of the items that make these things happen or habits and procedures that causes them not to happen, can be tracked, measured, compared, and create support for improvement.


Some of the attributes of the ways that software can give real time guidance while the truck is in motion is reflective of the sophistication and real-time influence that information can have.


For example real-time speed alerts can beep or buzz when the driver exceeds the posted speed limit in an area. Lane guidance can help a driver get into the correct lane in advance when a turn is coming up. Many times traffictruck tracking inhibits knowing which lane is best for making a turn, until you are right at the spot and it is impossible to navigate.


Truck grade navigation meshes with GPS to give a turn by turn verbal driving direction. The driver is pointed along the most time saving and fuel saving routes along with maps on the screen that are depicted in full color. If the driver veers off the track, the software will help to get the driver back on track. The software will also give the height and weight restrictions, and if re-routing around these conditions is necessary, it gives the directions.


Geo-Fencing technology helps the trucking company to create personalized zones that fall within certain routes, offering automated notifications by automated arrival and departure messaging. The feature also can provide driver adherence to safety standards and speed limits, as well as continued automated and time stamped sequential route progress.


Electronic logbooks are available to stay in compliance with the industry guidelines, and this feature integrates with all of the other features. The goal is to create a more seamless experience, both for the driver and the trucking company, in order to improve the bottom line.


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